BARMMAP is the acronym for the Bay Area Recording, Mixing, Mastering, And Production group.

Created by McKay Garner, this group was started to bring artists, home recording enthusiasts and working audio professionals together to share their excitement, knowledge, and ideas about furthering the fields of recording, mixing, mastering, and producing music and/or audio. ALL of us shape the future of the way music sounds to the world in future recordings.

The idea and mantra of this group is:

To create CAMARADERIE between everyone seeking to better their skills and perfect their craft.

To ENCOURAGE a SPIRIT of SHARING and open discussion of debatable topics and hard science, both basic and/or abstract AND at various levels of technical or creative study.

Please join us if you are:

-a working or aspiring producer, engineer, musician, or recording enthusiast

-in a band or are a solo artist recording yourself,

-chief engineer at studio Fancy Pants,

-a person who just likes the sound of recordings and the production of such.

We host events that include presentations from members who would like to share techniques they use in their recording, mixing, mastering, or production work. Presentations will be offered on various levels of experience so that members may gain knowledge from each meeting as it pertains to their particular level of practice/learning. There will also be a chance to mingle, network, and discuss individually chosen topics.

We also plan to have special audio company sponsored events.

Thanks for joining and we look forward to what you have to share and what we all will learn by opening up our experiences!

If you would like to offer a presentation at one of our meetings, please contact us with your subject of interest and we’ll discuss your ideas and get it rolling! If you have ideas about topics you’d like to to see touched on in a meeting, please contact us with suggestions.