Past Event: Acoustics Design & Applications for Recording & Mixing with Evan Reiley

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SAE San Francisco

Oct 23, 2012 6:30 PM
@SAE San Francisco
450 Bryant Street, Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94107 | View Map
Organizer: McKay Garner


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Event Details:
We are very pleased to announce the latest BARMMAP event! On Tuesday October 23rd, we will be hosting:
Acoustics: Design and Applications for Recording and Mixing with Evan Reiley. 

This event will focus on factors of room environments that determine what you and your microphones hear in the studio. Acoustics have been paramount considerations in my own recording and mixing projects, so I am very excited to have Evan Reiley share his expertise on the subject with the BARMMAP community!This event is $2.00. Yup, $2.00.

The event is only open to REGISTERED BARMMAP Members, so register for free now at to RSVP. If you do not RSVP, you will not be admitted to the event, sorry :-)

Doors open at 6:30 and there will be open networking until the start of the presentation at 7:30 PM

Water and light snacks will be provided (i.e. chips, granola bars).

There will be a waiting list, so if you do sign up and the capacity has been reached, you may still be bumped onto the Going list if others cancel before the event. Stay tuned to your e-mail!

Thanks go out to Evan Reiley, Cliff Tune, Ivo Ivanoff and the SAE team for hosting the event, Aaron Reppert for keeping the website working, Kariz Matic, and many others in our community that make all of this possible!

About Evan Reiley:

Evan Reiley Head Shot

Evan Reiley has a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from UC Santa Cruz. He has over 20 years of experience specializing in music/film/TV/radio/post studios, luxury

screening theaters, and performing arts venues. He has worked in the fields of audio electronics, music recording/production/performance, and live sound reinforcement. He has been a freelance producer, engineer, and musician since 1992. Evan has been in about 15 bands and plays guitar, pedal steel, lap steel, bass, drums, and is beginning to learn banjo and keyboard instruments. He worked at Summit Audio doing electronics engineering for analog signal processors as well as at Pack Associates focusing on acoustics. Evan worked for 9 years as chief engineer at Performance Media Industries designing acoustics and AV systems for theaters and studios. He also worked as a freelance live sound engineer for drama theaters and performing bands. Evan has invented and patented room acoustic treatment devices, engineered a surround sound calibration DVD, developed audio signal processors from prototype to manufactured products, and contributed to 50+ music albums. He has developed clean AC power design and signal routing management for complex AV systems. Evan uses 3D computer modeling software (EASE) and advanced in-room measurement systems (TEF) to design and tune system acoustic and electro-acoustic performance.

McKay Garner- BARMMAP founder


  1. fractile
    fractile on 13 November 12, 8:47pm

    Evan Reiley gave a great presentation on basic acoustic treatment principles, and then discussed how this was applied to engineering a new Dolby Atmos screening room. Atmos is the new Dolby system with up to 64 audio channels to provide an “all around” Surround Sound.

  2. forestwilson on 02 November 12, 1:57pm

    A thoroughly enjoyable lecture on acoustics and how to deal with issues in your listening space. Thanks McKay and Evan for a great discussion.

  3. eminor7thfunk on 26 October 12, 10:48am

    Thanks for having me speak at the event. Great group of people and plenty of intelligent questions that furthered the discussion well. Maybe we can do a part 2 that gets a little deeper.

  4. ScottBeard on 25 October 12, 7:45pm

    Great lecture! Evan did a fantastic presentation on the physics of a critical listening environment in a very clear and concise manner. Nice venue too. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Aaron Reppert on 25 October 12, 6:37am

    Yet another great and informative event. Acoustics and design for a studio is the most important for recording, mixing and mastering. Evan Reiley gave great tips to achieve that.

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