Past Event: Mastering Techniques and Discussion with Michael Romanowski

19 October 2011 | events, past events | | 14 Comments   

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011 | 7:00 PM

Pyramind Studios | 832 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94122

Wednesday October 19, 2011 has a fantastic event in store for BARMMAP members. Highly revered mastering engineer Michael Romanowski will be leading this event focusing on some potential techniques for specific mastering applications. Michael will be on the mastering panel at this year’s AES show in New York and will be revealing some of his AES presentation here to our local BARMMAP community. This event will be held at Pyramind in San Francisco at their 832 Folsom address. Doors open at 6:45 for seating and networking. The presentation will start at 7:30. Light refreshments will be provided. This event is a whopping 2 dollars as usual. Seating is limited so this event is open only to members who confirm attendance via RSVP here at It’s been a while since the last event and I look forward to seeing many of you again and meeting some new people!

Here is some background on Michael Romanowski:

Michael Romanowski is the owner and chief mastering engineer at Michael Romanowski Mastering in San Francisco, California. He started his audio career as a live sound engineer in Nashville, Tennessee, and quickly went from that to recording, mixing and producing. In 1994, he moved to the San Francisco Bay area and started his mastering career at Rocket Lab, with Mastering Engineers Paul Stubblebine and Ken Lee. Learning from two of the best in the business was invaluable to him as his career moved forward. Michael helped start the mastering room at Sausalito’s Plant Studios in 1999, where he was the chief mastering engineer. In 2001, Michael reunited with Paul Stubblebine in Paul’s mastering room at Hyde Street Studios – the famed Studio C. In 2003, Michael and Paul built two state of the art 5.1 mastering rooms at the former Coast Recorders building, now known as 1340 Mission, where he continues to work today.

Michael is President of the NARAS Board of Governors, and is the Chairman of the chapter’s Producers & Engineers wing. In addition to his service in music community, Michael teaches at San Francisco State University, and is an active panelist at conferences such as TapeOp, AES, CES, VSAC and NAMM . He is a co-owner of a music label, with Paul Stubblebine and Dan Schmalle, The Tape Project, which only releases direct copies of original analog masters on ¼” and now ½” analog tape. And, he continues to record, mix, produce and perform.
(510) 882.8555 (studio)

BARMMAP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, community-based organization that strives to help bridge the gap between those just starting their path in audio and veterans of the craft. Membership is free and there are no dues. Events are VERY affordable and offer a wealth of information, shared experiences, as well as business and social networking opportunities. We strive to keep the environment positive and to encourage an open mind about applied science and accidental genius.

-McKay Garner, BARMMAP Founder and Head Organizer


  1. Jac3k on 20 October 11, 10:25pm

    Thank you to BARMMAP and Pyramind for putting this on and especially to both Mckay and Michael for your time! This was a great success and I eagerly await the much in demand part 2 of this discussion 🙂 I’m a Pyramind student and this was my first time attending a BARMMAP event. I gotta say I am very much interested in the discussions that took place and the open forum setting was very inviting. I would without a doubt pay (much more) for a longer in depth masterclass session on mixing & mastering because Michaels enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge is extremely inspiring. At the very least lets do this again!

  2. sfsonarboy on 20 October 11, 9:17pm

    Thanks to Michael, McKay, Pyramind, and all involved in making this happen. I preferred the 2nd half of the presentation, and the part about digital gain staginig (the cup metaphor) was outstanding. I hope that a “part 2” can be arranged to continue that discussion and dig deeper into both creative and technical aspects of his approach to mastering.

  3. hachaduryan
    hachaduryan on 20 October 11, 9:08pm

    Loved it! Michael Romanowski was an excellent guest and the event was very interesting and very involving. I personally can’t wait for the next one.

  4. fractile
    fractile on 20 October 11, 8:31pm

    BARMAPP has opened the door on audio production, both for novice audio engineers and [we just had a ~4.0 jolt here] , in this case, people with various experience and aspirations toward understanding the task of music mastering. This was my first BARMAPP event and look forward to future explorations with this open forum format. Audio engineering has doubled in complexity with modern digital techniques and it’s good to have a way for the local people to have exposure to how others are approaching the current practices…

  5. jonathanjhart on 20 October 11, 8:29pm

    Great presentation. The second half left me thirsting for more! I am looking forward to part II, particularly how Michael orders his mastering chain with specific processors, what his EQ strategies are, etc.

  6. ChristianRice on 20 October 11, 6:21pm

    As usual, I left another event with renewed enthusiasm for the art and science of audio production. I appreciate the ubiquitous willingness to share hard-won experience freely, and Michael is definitely a captivating (and entertaining) speaker.

    I for one could not help laughing at the “mythical meats” sample, though the underlying importance of the skill of detached listening was probably not lost on anyone, as difficult as it was to carry through. The “own your mix” admonition is well-taken to heart, as well. So many gems handed out in that talk.

    I’d certainly be up for a “round 2” if it’s in the cards, now that we’ve got the short-version of the back-story hammered out. Thumbs up, good luck Michael on your 2011 AES presentations, and thanks to Pyramind and the organizers for the scene.

  7. OurManStarr on 20 October 11, 5:47pm

    You can’t even get a cup of coffee for $2, but last night at Pyramind, I got a master’s class on audio engineering for two bucks! Awesome.

  8. sstudebaker on 20 October 11, 5:03pm

    Very informative, and we just scratched the surface. Would love to dig in deeper with Michael at another event. Excellent meeting!

  9. Aaron Reppert on 19 October 11, 11:26pm

    Well, like always what can I say. BARMMAP gives a wealth of knowledge and Michael only touched upon the tip of the iceberg. We will have to do a part 2 for sure. There was just not enough time to get into the meat and foundation of audio mastering. Wonderful info on mixing in the digital realm as well!

    • Aaron Reppert on 20 October 11, 10:17pm

      While talking to Michael after the event, I realized what a wealth of knowledge this man has. Just talking with him for 2 minutes I gained 2 important tips.

      1. Never eat meals while mixing/mastering as the digestion process changes the way you hear.

      2. Wear custom ear plugs when out and about. Your ears are your must important tool.

      Thanks Michael. I know we could have 4 parts and never get all the great tips.

  10. TravSonic LLC (@travsonic) (@travsonic) on 19 October 11, 5:40pm

    Another great BARMMAP audio mastering workshop at @Pyramind in San Francisco. If you weren’t there, you missed out! link to

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