Past Event – Successful Promotion: Getting Noticed, Networking, Modern PR Techniques, & More

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 | 7:00 PM

SAE San Francisco | 450 Bryant Street Suite 100 San Francisco, CA

The night will include a joint presentation on the art of successful promotion for engineers, producers, and/or artists by John Flores of Studio SQ and Richard Turgeon, author of Indie Rock 101. This includes ideas for getting you and your work noticed, guiding your artists toward a successful recording and promotional budget, social networking strategies, solid media choices and target markets for your products and skills.

About the Presenters for this event:

John Flores

John Flores began his recording career in 2000 at the renown Los Angeles  recording studio Soundcastle. Each of the studio’s two main rooms featured large format consoles (SSL G+ 4000 & SSL J9000) and were stocked with some of the finest gear found in commercial recording studios. Here John cut his teeth working with a variety of major labels including Capital Records, Sony, Interscope, Atlantic and Aftermath.

As a Bay Area native, John decided to move back to San Francisco in 2007 and open up Studio SQ ( Since then he’s worked with hundreds of local artists and has an ever growing list of recording credits including: Jonas Reinhardt, Ray Manzarek (The Doors), Thrill Jockey Records, Chris Chu (The Morning Benders), VH1, Valve Software (Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2), French Miami and more.

John is currently a partner of Studio SQ with engineer and tech Jeremy Rosenblum. He continues to work for Soundcastle as a project coordinator, patent designer, and consultant.

Richard Turgeon

Rich is a San Francisco-based writer, musician and creative professional. Since 1993, he’s independently released six records as a singer/songwriter, recording and mixing the last four and playing most parts on two of them. His book, Indie Rock 101: Running, Recording and Promoting Your Band, is published by Focal Press and based on his experience as a musician, producer and manager of his live bands. Professionally, Rich has spent the last 16 years as a marketing and creative communications writer, designer and creative director, primarily in the interactive space. His website is


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  1. TravSonic LLC (@travsonic) on 24 June 11, 10:42am

    I liked recent event post "Successful Promotion: Getting Noticed, Networking, Modern PR Techniques, & More" link to

  2. Kentaro
    Kentaro Fischer on 14 June 11, 12:09pm

    I really enjoyed this event’s focus on PR and Marketing. I understood they were important but now I have a better understanding of how it all comes together. Plus I met some cool people. Thanks BARMMAP!

  3. ChrisPorro on 14 June 11, 12:00pm

    it’s been a while since i looked at promotion. since then many things have changed. cd sales have gone down, facebook has emerged as a clear social networking leader, EPK are even more important, the old label system seems less dominant, and more and more musicians are stepping up to the plate. for an artist this could be a very exciting time. so it was good to get an update/refresher from 2 people active in PR. if i got this right, john’s studio (studio sq) actually thinks about an artist’s music from creation all the way to the end listener. that is, how to get the stuff heard and bought after recording. seems like something studios should have been doing for years. great idea.

  4. CliffTune on 14 June 11, 11:29am

    Definitely came out of this with some valuable info that i think is applicable to current recording projects nearing completion.

  5. Aaron Reppert on 09 June 11, 12:31pm

    Another informative event with great folks! Made more connects and great to see everyone and mingle.

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