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  1. Mike Wells
    Mike Wells on 16 June 11, 5:59pm

    This is a true, grass-roots movement here in the Bay Area. An energized and motivated group of folks sharing techniques, approach, and thoughts on all things audio production. Recommended to all who share a passion for audio production.

  2. mattdonner on 16 June 11, 5:55pm

    Very cool event – love the community approach and willingness of everyone to share their work and opinions! Very receptive audience as well – gracious and open minded. Refreshing!

  3. BenBernstein on 16 June 11, 5:51pm

    Its a good thang!

  4. ZaqueEyn on 16 June 11, 5:49pm

    Further your knowledge & network with industry cats.

  5. Craig Ums on 16 June 11, 5:46pm

    Excellent meetup tonight. Very informative – I left with a lot of ideas and new techniques to try (specifically mid-side mic’ing and using an upturned CD as a GSM blocker). It is always fun to get together with people and geek-out without realizing you’re geeking out.

  6. ScottBeard on 16 June 11, 5:42pm

    I’m glad I joined and am looking forward to more of these sessions. Great mix of recording professionals and enthusiasts that welcome the chance to share their experiences in music recording.

  7. Phil
    Phil on 11 February 11, 3:46am

    I really liked it, again, everyone was very nice. McKay did a great job as host.

  8. McKay Garner
    McKay Garner on 11 February 11, 3:38am

    Come share your experience, ideas, and/or your curiosity with like minded folks in the audio arts!

  9. Kentaro
    Kentaro Fischer on 11 February 11, 3:37am

    This is the meetup to be at for audio producers, mixers and engineers!

  10. Aaron Reppert on 11 February 11, 3:34am

    If you are an aspiring audio engineer, producer, composer or audio head BARMMAP is for you. There are so many great events and people who will grow your network.

    • Aaron Reppert on 22 May 11, 3:26pm

      By the way. I have seen this group from the start and how it has grown as a community and the launching of it’s own site. Awesome!!!

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